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[Help] Helping hand - new customer support service

Helping_hand.jpg Helping Hand - this is new item that will be issued to all characters on the NEW and UNT servers. This item was created to further motivate you to familiarize yourself with our Support Service (for those who are not yet familiar or for new players) and for additional assistance in cases in which players previously received a support abandonment due to interference with the gameplay.


  1. Helping_hand.jpg Helping Hand - this is your extra life or the right to make mistakes in situations, examples of which will be presented below.
  2. Use Helping_hand.jpg Helping Hand is possible only once and only if available Helping_hand.jpg Helping Hand on char. 
  3. After using Helping_hand.jpg Helping Hand through user support- Helping_hand.jpg Helping Hand will be removed from your character and considered used.
  4. Helping hand is given to each character and can be used once.
  5. Remember that the sooner you contact after incident, the easier it will be for you to help.


  • In any case, where did you go wrong in straightforward in-game exchange with the NPC.
    For example, we accidentally exchanged quest items for Adena, but wanted to hand over them for other game values. In this case, the balance of the game must be restored. Items will be returned, but the obtained Adena will be deleted, in the absence of Adena or the received game values to restore the balance on the character, the action may be refused.
  • In any cases where player does not know or does not understand mechanics of the quest and accidentally loses items.
    For example, when players start handing in quests for the nobility, very many do not know that if you forgot item or chose wrong sequence during cooking and moved away from urn, the items burn. BUT! Helping_hand.jpg The Helping Hand won't spread on action when the wrong cooking temperature is selected, because this is a random moment in the game. We also want to emphasize that there are other "controversial" points in the quest, to find out if your case applies, contact support.
  • Players have different situations, and we cannot be sure what we will have to face for sure, Helping_hand.jpg Helping Hand can be used in any cases (inside the game) when other players and random component will not be involved. For more information on possibility of using the hand, please contact support.


  • In any case, where there is a component of randomness. Improving items, quests with random outcomes, opening lamps, etc.
  • In any case, where is the interaction between the players. Such cases are considered for each individually, since these actions can entail great interference with gameplay and inconvenience to other players.
  • If problems arise in Personal Account (with any actions) - assistance in these cases will be provided without deleting Helping_hand.jpg Helping Hand and its use.
  • When using standard functions and support services that have paid basis: removing fine from character or clan, parsing logs, transferring character, etc.
  • In any cases caused by server restarts / crashes, in such conditions, compensation is issued centrally to all players.
  • When transferring non-transferable donation items.


  1. Refuse to provide assistance if you suspect attempt to mislead Administration in order to obtain additional benefits.
  2. Refuse to provide assistance if there is component of randomness in player's action or interaction with other players (if this entails large joining in gameplay).
  3. Refuse to provide assistance if player violates rules of project.

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