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Little Mouse


Dear players!

A mouse has settled in Elmoraden and it is very hungry!
Buy more cheese so that the little prankster does not bother you.


  • The mouse can stick to a random player on the server, who has in inventory mause_3.jpg Small Piece of Cheese. It is very small and therefore difficult to spot. Because of this, mouse tries to attract attention by annoying pranks - imposing debuffs. Mouse will lag behind when player feed it with a couple of slices of cheese.

  • The mouse hangs the effect mause_1.jpg Presence of a Small Mouse on the it target.
  • Purchase a mause_3.jpg Small Piece of Cheese from any Pet Manager.
  • Give mouse some cheese by throwing it on the ground.
  • After eating, the mouse will thank with give a positive effect mause_2.jpg Gratitude of Little Mouse and run away.
    mause_2.jpg Gratitude of Little Mouse - gained experience, skill points, adena and drop are increased by 5%.
  • If player does not pay attention to the mouse, it will lag behind in 15 minutes, and then go in search of another player.

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