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Rising King Raul



Rising King Raul

According to legends, stories and other tales in the kingdom of Aden, it is believed that King Roul the Unifier, who created the strongest kingdom of recent times, was buried in the location of The Cemetery.


Special event for mid-clans.

Only team channel leaders who have received an entry item through the user support department can enter.


Resurrection King Raul spawn time

  • Wednesday at 20:00;
  • Thursday at 20:00.


Entrance point to a special location





Enter parameters

  • Only a Command Channel of at least 21 characters or more may enter;
  • Characters below level 50 (inclusive) cannot enter;
  • All Team Channel members must be near the Entry NPC and the Team Channel leader;
  • After entering, all members of the Command Channel are teleported to 1 of the 4 points in the special area:



Points 1-4 are entry points for Team Channels;

The 5th point is the place where the Risen King Raul appears.


Event parameters

  • The event begins as soon as Channel Command #1 has entered;
  • After entering the first Command Channel, the boss will appear in the center of the location after 30 minutes;
  • As soon as the boss appeared - the entrance to the special location is closed;
  • If no one beats the boss within 30 minutes - all who are in a special location is sent to the nearest town and the entrance will open to start a new event.


Parameters of the special location

  • The entire special location is a No-PK Zone (you can kill without a PK);
  • In the entire location are banned skills summoning friends;
  • In the entire location is forbidden to leave the game for more than 5 minutes - sends the characters to the city.


Dropping the boss

  • Refined_red_blood_of_dragon_0.jpg A bottle for creating epic jewelry;
  • Etc_royal_seal_of_lord_i04_0.jpg Seals to create epic jewelry;
  • Low A Weapon 30%;
  • Low A Weapon 20%;
  • Top B Weapon 70%;
  • Top B Weapon 30%;
  • Low A Armor 30%;
  • Low A Armor 20%;
  • Top B Armor 100%;
  • Top B Armor 30%.

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