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Improved pet system


If you know, every player L2 can make pet, who will become reliable friend and comrade for him.
For your convenience, we have slightly changed and diversified pet system, and noted in this thread all key points:


  • Absolutely all pets have the same positive effects from both Kookaburra and the Buffalo. Finally no need to choose!
  • Maximum buff level will be available already at level 55 pet, immediately after him evolution. Complete list of available buffs under the spoiler: 

Magic set: 

  • Skill1059_0.jpg Pet Empower
  • Skill1048_0.jpg Pet Blessed Soul
  • Skill1045_0.jpg Pet Blessed Body
  • Skill1040_0.jpg Pet Shield
  • Skill1085_0.jpg Pet Acumen
  • Skill1078_0.jpg Pet Concentration

Warrior set: 

  • Skill1040_0.jpg Pet Shield
  • Skill1068_0.jpg Pet Might
  • Skill1240_0.jpg Pet Guidance
  • Skill1086_0.jpg Pet Haste
  • Skill1268_0.jpg Pet Vampiric Rage
  • Skill1077_0.jpg Pet Focus
  • Skill1242_0.jpg Pet Death Whisper
  • Skill1045_0.jpg Pet Blessed Body
  • Skill1048_0.jpg Pet Blessed Soul
  • Now pet skills Skill1013_0.jpg Rechage and Skill1217_0.jpg Great Heal can be used while not in combat;
  • Will be added four active abilities, which will allow you to control your pet's behavior. Duration: 2 hours.
  • Controlling Effect of Physical Buff - prohibits pet from applying following skills: Pet Might, Pet Guidance, Pet Haste, Pet Vampiric Rage, Pet Focus, Pet Death Whisper, Pet Body Bless, Pet Shield;
  • Control Magic Buff Effect - prohibits pet from applying following skills: Pet Inspire, Bless Pet Spirit, Pet Shield, Bless Pet's Body, Pet's Acumen, Pet Concentration;
  • Recovery Control - prohibits restoration of mana to character;
  • Heal Control - prohibits character health restoration.
  • Also added new animals, which will differ from current ones only in appearance. In order to get a new pet, you need have old one and Units, talk with  Queen of Cats (game store) and select appropriate item. List of available pets:


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