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Updated quests: subclass and noblesse







  • To be able to take the first sub - just go through the modified quest Fate's Whisper;
  • To take the quest for the Sub Class, you need 56 level;
  • equired Items:
    • Weapon tears of wizard i00 0.jpg Top B-Grade weapon
    • crystal-b.png Crystal (B-grade) - 984 pcs.
  • n the later stages of development, a simplified subclass will be available for Etc_adena_i00_0.jpg Adena;
  • After receiving a sub-class, a new skill Skill1323_0.jpg Noblesse Blessing is available. Skill has 1 level and a cooldown of 3 minutes.
  • he option to change the subclass to the main class is available for NPC Rich Family Cat for Etc_coins_gold_i00_0.jpg Unit (120 шт.).

    Important! You can't take a profession subclass Warsmith, and you can't make a profession Warsmith subclass.


  • Alternative staff obtaining available Weapon_sprites_staff_i00_0.jpg Staff of Goddess: Rain Song, the item is required to complete the quest. It can now be crafted with reagents.
  • The quest can be started at subclass level 50 and completed until level 66.
  • Upon completion of the quest, the skill is available: Skill1323_0.jpg Noblesse Blessing level 2 (standard).



This system has replaced the standard subclass certification skills. Available after reaching level 76.
A more detailed description in the section "Change in the Ability Point system"  -  There will be a link here


Detailed description of quests


  1. The quest for Subclass can be taken from lvl 56.
  2. The quest is taken from NPC Reorin in location Skyshadow Meadow (teleport from Oren town)  - Fate`s Whisper
  3. After talking with NPC Reorin we are sent to Seal of Shilen (teleport from Aden town) get Etc_bead_white_i00_0.jpgReiria`s Soul Orb - for this we need to kill the Raid Boss (Shilen`s Messenger Cabrio).
  4. After killing the boss, a chest will appear. After talking with him, we get Etc_bead_white_i00_0.jpgReiria`s Soul Orb and we go to NPC Reorin.
  5. We give NPC Reorin Etc_bead_white_i00_0.jpg Reiria`s Soul Orb and take the task of killing three Raid Bosses.

    Important! Old Raid Bosses (Death Lord Hallate,Kernon,Golkonda) NO LONGER REQUIRED for the Fate`s Whisper quest.

    1. Lord Ishka. Let's go to Dragon Valley(teleport from Giran town) 
    After the death of the boss, a chest appears, after talking with him you will receive a scepter:

    2.Bloody Priest Rudelto. Let's go to Antharas` Lair(teleport from Giran town) 
    After the death of the boss, a chest appears, after talking with him you will receive a scepter:

    3.Black Lily. Let's go to Dragon Valley(teleport from Giran town) 
    After the death of the boss, a chest appears, after talking with him you will receive a scepter:
  6. Gathering three scepters Etc_imperial_scepter_i01_0.jpgEtc_imperial_scepter_i00_0.jpgEtc_imperial_scepter_i02_0.jpg back to NPC Reorin.
  7. We give scepters. Then we are sent to the city Oren to the warehouse NPC Cliff, take from him Etc_powder_red_i00_0.jpg Infernium Varnish and return to NPC Reorin give the quest item and move on.
  8. After handing over the quest item, NPC Reorin sends us to the blacksmith of town of Aden to NPC Ferris take Weapon_iron_hammer_i01_0.jpgMaestro Reorin`s Hammer.
  9. We give the hammer NPC Reorin, take the next quest to return Etc_artisans_frame_i00_0.jpgMaestro Reorin`s Mold and go to the Weapons and Armor shop in town Oren for NPC Zenkin
  10. NPC Zenkin is talking, that sold Etc_artisans_frame_i00_0.jpgMaestro Reorin`s Mold NPC Kaspar and we are going to Hardin`s Academy(teleport from town Oren). 
  11. In Hardin`s Academy talking to NPC Kaspar take the quest to paint 10 cloth(chance of painting 100%).
    We get Etc_piece_of_cloth_white_i00_0.jpgWhite Cloth 10 pcs. and we go to Antharas Lair paint cloth.
    To paint Etc_piece_of_cloth_white_i00_0.jpgWhite Cloth 10 pcs. -  we need to kill mobs - Bloody Queen
  12. Painting Etc_piece_of_cloth_red_i00_0.jpgBlood Strained Cloth 10 pcs.,  back to Hardin`s Academy for NPC Kaspar, give Etc_piece_of_cloth_red_i00_0.jpgBlood Strained Cloth 10 pcs, we get Etc_artisans_frame_i00_0.jpgMaestro Reorin`s Mold and go to the NPC Reorin.
  13. We talk with NPC Reorin, give him Etc_artisans_frame_i00_0.jpgMaestro Reorin`s Mold, take the next quest.
  14. NPC Reorin asks to bring him Etc_crystal_red_i00_0.jpgCrystal (B-Grade) 984 pcs.
    Giving crystals, NPC Reorin asks to bring him Top B Weapon:

    Very important! What weapon you choose, then you need to bring.
  15. We talk with NPC Reorin, we give Top B Weapon , in return we choose Low A Weapon.
  16. We receive for your choice Low A Weapon Weapon dasparions staff i00 0.jpg
  17. Alternative way to complete the quest:
    You also need Etc_crystal_red_i00_0.jpg Crystals: Grade B (984 pcs.) and Etc_bead_green_i00_0.jpg Gemstone: Grade B (100 pcs.). By handing over the items you complete the quest, but the weapon Weapon dasparions staff i00 0.jpg You don't get Low A-Rank.
  18. Congratulations. Quest completed
  1. The quest can be taken from lvl 56.

  2. We go to Ivory Tower:
    Teleport from Gatekeeper Valentina from town Oren
    Teleport from Gatekeeper from any town 
    Club Card

    In Ivory Tower make a teleport from Gatekeeper Veronato the 4th floor

  3. We find NPC Magister Ladd, we talk and start the quest. NPC Ladd asks to bring him Etc_broken_crystal_silver_i00_0.jpgPure Silver.

  4. Taking the quest from NPC Magister Ladd going down to the Underground Shopping Area

    Looking for NPC Magic Trader Wesley. We take a quest from him for reagents, by collecting which we can mixing 
    Etc_broken_crystal_silver_i00_0.jpgPure Silver.

    Let's start getting Etc_pouch_gray_i00_0.jpgEtc_pouch_yellow_i00_0.jpg Reagent Pouch.
    Items drop randomly from these pouches 7.jpg8.jpg9.jpg

    The number of items you need to collect to create Etc_broken_crystal_silver_i00_0.jpgPure Silver.

    7.jpg Moonstone Shard - 100 шт.

    8.jpg Volcanic Ash - 10 шт.

    9.jpg Quicksilver - 2 шт.

    Spots for the getting of reagents:


    First getting spot Etc_pouch_yellow_i00_0.jpg of Reagent Pouch - Dragon Valley (Before entering Antharas Lair)
    Killing Cave Keeper lvl 58 -  from Etc_pouch_yellow_i00_0.jpg Reagent Pouch  taking:
    7.jpgMoonstone Shard
    8.jpgVolcanic Ash
    9.jpg Quicksilver


    Second getting spot Etc_pouch_gray_i00_0.jpg Reagent Pouch - The Cemetery .
    Killing monsters Taik Orc Supply Leader
    lvl 55 - from  Etc_pouch_gray_i00_0.jpg Reagent Pouch  taking:
    7.jpg Moonstone Shard


    Third getting spot Etc_pouch_gray_i00_0.jpg of Reagent Pouch - Tower of Insolence 3.
    On the third floor we killing Hallate`s Maid
    lvl 66 - from 
    Etc_pouch_gray_i00_0.jpg Reagent Pouch taking:
    7.jpgMoonstone Shard


    Fourth taking spot 
    Etc_pouch_yellow_i00_0.jpg of Reagent Pouch Blazing Swamp
    (the spot will be in demand at stage 2 because the lvl of mobs is high for us at stage 1)

    Kill Hames Orc Shaman lvl 74 - from Etc_pouch_yellow_i00_0.jpg Reagent Pouch taking:
    7.jpgMoonstone Shard
    8.jpgVolcanic Ash



  5. Having collected the required amount of reagents, we go to Ivory Tower - Underground Shopping Area for mixing Etc_broken_crystal_silver_i00_0.jpgPure Silver.

    Find Alchemist's Mixing Urn
    Let's start making:


    1.Mixing Etc_powder_white_i00_0.jpgMoon Dust:

    1.1 7.jpgMoonstone Shard - 10 pcs. and 8.jpgVolcanic Ash - 1 pcs. Temperature - 1 gr.- Salamander . TakingEtc_powder_white_i00_0.jpgMoon Dust. Repeat this 9 times more. Taking Etc_powder_white_i00_0.jpgMoon Dust – 10 pcs.

    2. MixingEtc_mithril_ore_i00_0.jpgLunargent.

    2.2 Etc_powder_white_i00_0.jpgMoon Dust – 10 pcs. and 9.jpgQuicksilver 1 pcs .Temperature - 1 gr.- Salamander . Taking Etc_mithril_ore_i00_0.jpgLunargent.

    3.Mixing Etc_broken_crystal_silver_i00_0.jpgPure Silver.

    3.3 Etc_mithril_ore_i00_0.jpgLunargent 1 pc. and Etc_reagent_silver_i00_0.jpgQuicksilver 1 pc. Temperature - 1 gr.- Salamander. Taking Etc_broken_crystal_silver_i00_0.jpgPure Silver.


  6. Etc_broken_crystal_silver_i00_0.jpgPure Silver ready. Go to Ivory Tower 4 floor for NPC Ladd to finish quest. We take a new quest to get - Etc_broken_crystal_gold_i00_0.jpg True Gold.

  7. Taking a new quest from NPC Ladd for getting Etc_broken_crystal_gold_i00_0.jpg True Gold, go to the 3rd floor to NPC Joan. 
    Taking quest for geeting Etc_bead_silver_i00_0.jpg Sage`s Stone and go to Giants Cave.

    We need to - Paliote lvl 57(to be in the first rooms Giants Cave).
    Kill until we get the quest item 
    Etc_bead_silver_i00_0.jpg Sage`s Stone

  8. If you have reached level 75, then you need the Chimera Piece monster (according to the classic quest)

    After drop Etc_bead_silver_i00_0.jpg Sage`s Stone back to the 3rd floor Ivory Tower for NPC Joan  and taking Etc_broken_crystal_gold_i00_0.jpg True Gold and go to the 4th floor Ivory Tower for NPC Ladd. 

  9. NPC Ladd give task to go to Cruma Tower for 2 floor to get Etc_potion_red_i00_0.jpg Blood Fire.
    On the second floor we are looking for a mob - Dark Lord lvl 50  we drop quest item from it.


  10. If you have reached level 75, then you need the Bloody Guardian monster (according to the classic quest)

  11. Gathering all the components Etc_broken_crystal_silver_i00_0.jpgEtc_broken_crystal_gold_i00_0.jpgEtc_potion_red_i00_0.jpg  we go to Ivory Tower - Underground Shopping Area for mixing Etc_lesser_potion_yellow_i00_0.jpgMimir's Elixir.



    We have  Etc_lesser_potion_yellow_i00_0.jpg Mimir`s Elixir. 

  12. Let's go to Ivory Tower 4 floor for NPC Ladd finish the quest and get a reward:
    Noblesse lvl 1. Cooldown 3 mins. 
    You get it when you take the Sub Class!!!
    Etc_scroll_of_enchant_weapon_i03_0.jpg Scroll: Enchant Weapon (B-Grade) 1 pc. 
    As well as the opportunity to take a sub class.

    P.S. You can complete this quest from 56 to 74 lvl. From lvl 75, a standard quest for a subclass is passed.

  1.  The quest can be taken from lvl 50.
  2. The quest is taken from NPC Talien in town Aden on the steps in front of the church.
  3. After talking with NPC Talien let's go to town Giran
  4. In Giran we talk with NPC Gabrielle, take the quest and go to Dragon Valley.
  5. At the port spot in Dragon Valley we speak with NPC Gilmore, we take the task of killing the witch Baraham and getting the quest item Etc_piece_of_paper_gray_i00_0.jpg Legend of Seventeen.

  6. Go to town Dion and from Gatekeeper Trisha teleport to Bee Hive. Run to Baraham.

  7. Killing Baraham and get quest item Etc_piece_of_paper_gray_i00_0.jpg Legend of Seventeen and go to town Aden to NPC Talien. We give the quest item and go to the town Heine.
  8. In Heine we talk with NPC Kantabilon and get the task to getting Etc_fang_gray_i00_0.jpg Maluk Succubus Claw 10 pcs.
  9. Let's go to Dragon Valley getting Etc_fang_gray_i00_0.jpg Maluk Succubus Claw 10 pcs, from monsters - Maluk Succubus lvl 55 и Maluk Succubus Turen lvl 56.
    PS. The closest way is to run in a straight line from the port Antharas Lair.

    After get Etc_fang_gray_i00_0.jpg Maluk Succubus Claw 10 pc back to town Heine to NPC Kantabilon and finish step.
    Taking Etc_echo_crystal_i02_0.jpg Echo Crystal - Forgotten Song and go to town Aden to NPC Talien.
  10. Give to him Etc_echo_crystal_i02_0.jpg Echo Crystal - Forgotten Song,  NPC Talien sended us to Hunters Village.
  11. In Hunters Village talk to NPC Stedmiel and take Etc_spellbook_red_i00_0.jpg Faded Poetry Book and back to town Aden to NPC Talien.

  12. We give Etc_spellbook_red_i00_0.jpg Faded Poetry Book  to NPC Talien and go to Rune Township.
  13. In Rune Township go to NPC Virgil.

    Talk with NPC Virgil next talk to NPC Ogmar and go to Magic Guild in town Rune Township.
  14. In Magic Guild talk to NPC Rahorakti and take task to get Etc_powder_red_i00_0.jpg Crimson Moss 5 pcs.
  15. Go to Swamp of Screams
    Needed monsters:

    After drop of  Etc_powder_red_i00_0.jpg Crimson Moss 5 pcs, back to NPC Rahorakti finish step, and take Etc_potion_scarlet_i00_0.jpg Rahorakti`s Miraculous Medicine and go to NPC Kassandra.
  16. Give to NPC Kassandra Etc_potion_scarlet_i00_0.jpg Rahorakti`s Miraculous Medicine and talk to NPC Virgil  and go to town Goddard.
  17. In Goddard go to NPC Caradine and go to Blacksmith`s Shop to NPC Noel

  18. NPC Noel give task for get Etc_mithril_ore_i00_0.jpg Lunargent 5 pcs,Etc_luxury_wine_b_i00_0.jpg Hellfire Oil 1 pcs.

    Gathering reagents and crafting items for Noblesse.
    1.Go to Ivory Tower (Underground Shopping Area).
    2.Take quest from NPC Wesley and proceed to the getting of reagents.
    3.The number of items needed to create Etc_mithril_ore_i00_0.jpg Lunargent 5 pcs,Etc_luxury_wine_b_i00_0.jpg Hellfire Oil 1 pc.
    1429976986_etc_broken_crystal_silver_i00 Moonstone Shard - 500 pcs.
    1429976853_etc_powder_gray_i00_0.jpg Volcanic Ash - 60 pcs.
    1429974509_etc_reagent_silver_i00_0.jpg Quicksilver - 5 pcs.

    1429973536_etc_inf_ore_high_i00_0.jpg Lava Stones - 100 pcs.
    1429973521_etc_reagent_green_i00_0.jpg Demon`s Blood - 100 pcs.
    1429988692_etc_ginseng_red_i00_0.jpg Blood Root - 10 pcs.
    1429988685_etc_powder_orange_i00_0.jpg Sulfur - 2 pcs.

    Spots for getting Etc_pouch_yellow_i00_0.jpgEtc_pouch_gray_i00_0.jpg Reagent Pouch

    First getting spot Etc_pouch_yellow_i00_0.jpg of Reagent Pouch - Dragon Valley (Before entering Antharas Lair)
    Killing Cave Keeper lvl 58 -  from Etc_pouch_yellow_i00_0.jpg Reagent Pouch  taking:

    7.jpgMoonstone Shard
    8.jpgVolcanic Ash
    inf_ore_high.jpg Lava Stone


    Second getting spot Etc_pouch_gray_i00_0.jpg Reagent Pouch - The Cemetery .
    Killing monsters Taik Orc Supply Leader
    lvl 55 - from  Etc_pouch_gray_i00_0.jpg Reagent Pouch  taking:

    7.jpgMoonstone Shard
    inf_ore_least.jpg Infernium Ore
    piece_bone_black.jpg Rotten Bone Piace


    Third getting spot Etc_pouch_yellow_i00_0.jpg of Reagent Pouch  - Tower of Insolence 1-2.
    On the first and second floors we killing Hallate`s Seer
    lvl 60 - from Etc_pouch_yellow_i00_0.jpg Reagent Pouch taking:
    1429988685_etc_powder_orange_i00_0.jpg Sulfur
    1429988692_etc_ginseng_red_i00_0.jpg Blood Root

    inf_ore_least.jpg Infernium Ore
    piece_bone_black.jpg Rotten Bone Piace


    Fourth getting spot Etc_pouch_gray_i00_0.jpg of Reagent Pouch - Tower of Insolence 3.
    On the third floor we killing Hallate`s Maid
    lvl 66 - from 
    Etc_pouch_gray_i00_0.jpg Reagent Pouch taking:

    7.jpgMoonstone Shard
    inf_ore_least.jpg Infernium Ore
    piece_bone_black.jpg Rotten Bone Piace


    Fifth getting spot -  Tower of Insolence 5.
    On the fifth floor we killing Hallate`s Guardian
    lvl 69 , they can drop:

    1429973521_etc_reagent_green_i00_0.jpg Demon`s Blood

    Sixth getting spot Etc_pouch_yellow_i00_0.jpg of Reagent Pouch - Tower of Insolence 7.
    On the seventh floor we killing Platinum Tribe Shaman
    lvl 70 - from Etc_pouch_yellow_i00_0.jpg Reagent Pouch taking:
    1429988685_etc_powder_orange_i00_0.jpg Sulfur
    1429988692_etc_ginseng_red_i00_0.jpg Blood Root

    inf_ore_least.jpg Infernium Ore
    piece_bone_black.jpg Rotten Bone Piace


    Seventh getting spot Etc_pouch_yellow_i00_0.jpg of Reagent Pouch -  Blazing Swam .
    Kill Hames Orc Shaman
    lvl 74 - from  Etc_pouch_yellow_i00_0.jpg Reagent Pouch taking:
    7.jpgMoonstone Shard
    8.jpgVolcanic Ash
    1429973536_etc_inf_ore_high_i00_0.jpg Lava Stones


    4. Here we have collected the required amount of reagents and proceed to create Etc_mithril_ore_i00_0.jpg Lunargent 5 pcs,Etc_luxury_wine_b_i00_0.jpg Hellfire Oil 1 pc.
    Let's go to Ivory Tower (Underground Shopping Area) and looking for Mixing Urn.


    Create Etc_mithril_ore_i00_0.jpg Lunargent:
    1) 1429976986_etc_broken_crystal_silver_i00 Moonstone Shard - 10 pcs.
    2) 1429976853_etc_powder_gray_i00_0.jpg Volcanic Ash - 1 pc.
    3) Temperature 1 SALAMANDER.

    Take Etc_powder_white_i00_0.jpgMoon Dust -1 pc. We need Etc_powder_white_i00_0.jpgMoon Dust - 50 pcs.
    Put in Urn:
    4) Etc_powder_white_i00_0.jpgMoon Dust - 10 pcs.
    5) 1429974509_etc_reagent_silver_i00_0.jpg Quicksilver - 1 pc.
    6) Temperature 1 SALAMANDER.
    Take Etc_mithril_ore_i00_0.jpgLunargent - 1 pc. We need Etc_mithril_ore_i00_0.jpgLunargent - 5 pcs.

    Create Etc_luxury_wine_b_i00_0.jpg Hellfire Oil:

    Mixing Etc_dragons_blood_i00_0.jpg Fire Essence
    1) 1429973536_etc_inf_ore_high_i00_0.jpg Lava Stones - 10 pcs.
    2) 1429976853_etc_powder_gray_i00_0.jpg Volcanic Ash - 1 pc.
    3)Temperature 1 SALAMANDER.
    Take Etc_powder_red_i00_0.jpgMagma Dust - 1 pc. We need  Etc_powder_red_i00_0.jpgMagma Dust - 10 pcs.

    Put in Urn:
    4) Etc_powder_red_i00_0.jpgMagma Dust - 10 pcs.
    1429988685_etc_powder_orange_i00_0.jpg Sulfur - 1 pc.
    6) Temperature 1 SALAMANDER.
    Take Etc_dragons_blood_i00_0.jpg Fire Essence - 1 pc.

    Mixing Etc_dragons_blood_i05_0.jpg Demonic Essence
    1) 1429973521_etc_reagent_green_i00_0.jpg Demon`s Blood - 10 pcs.
    2) 1429988692_etc_ginseng_red_i00_0.jpg Blood Root - 1 pc.
    3)Temperature 1 SALAMANDER.
    Take Etc_potion_green_i00_0.jpg Demonplasm - 1 pc. We need Etc_potion_green_i00_0.jpg Demonplasm - 10 pcs.

    Put in Urn:
    4) Etc_potion_green_i00_0.jpg Demonplasm - 10 pcs.
    1429988685_etc_powder_orange_i00_0.jpg Sulfur - 1 pc.
    6) Temperature 1 SALAMANDER.
    Etc_dragons_blood_i05_0.jpg Demonic Essence - 1 pc.

    Mixing  Etc_luxury_wine_b_i00_0.jpg Hellfire Oil:
    1) Etc_dragons_blood_i00_0.jpg Fire Essence - 1 pc.
    2) Etc_dragons_blood_i05_0.jpg Demonic Essence - 1 pc.
    3) Temperature 1 SALAMANDER.
    Etc_luxury_wine_b_i00_0.jpg Hellfire Oil.


  19. Creating Etc_mithril_ore_i00_0.jpg Lunargent 5 pcs,Etc_luxury_wine_b_i00_0.jpg Hellfire Oil 1 pc. back to NPC Noel, give the reagents and go to NPC Caradine.
  20. NPC Caradine  give to us Etc_letter_envelope_i00_0.jpg Virgil`s Letter and send to NPC Virgil.
  21. Talk to NPC Virgil, after with NPC Kassandra, after with NPC Ogmar and go to Swamp of Scream.
  22. In Swamp of Scream Talk with Mysterious Dark Knight then look at the body Corpse of Angel until we find Etc_braided_hemp_i00_0.jpg Strand of Golden Hair , talk with Mysterious Dark Knight and we go to Witch Kalis.
    1. Go to Ivory Tower and from there walk to NPC Witch Kalis, talk and go to  Sea of Spores(the closest way to NPC Matild).
      Talk with NPC Matild and take Etc_oil_pot_white_i00_0.jpg Sorcery ingredient and return to NPC Witch Kalis turn in the quest and go to Valley of Saints.
    2. JFbaYdWo.jpg?download=1&name=%D0%A1%D0%BZ1BJI5EU.jpg?download=1&name=%D0%A1%D0%B
  23. In Valley of Saints we kill 4 mobs Restrainer of Glory take Etc_crystal_ball_silver_i00_0.jpg Orb of Binding 4 pcs, talking to four columns, after with Fallen Unicorn and bacl to  Rune Township to NPC Kassandra.
  24. Talk with NPC Kassandra take Etc_letter_envelope_i00_0.jpg Caradine`s Letter and go to town Goddard.
  25. Talk with NPC Caradine after with NPC Ossian and go to getting jewellery in Valley of Saints:
    Ring of Goddess: Waterbinder
    Accessary_elemental_necklace_i00_0.jpg Necklace of Goddes: Evergreen 
  26. In Valley of Saints we need to kill - Accessary_elven_ring_i00_0.jpgPiligrim of Splendor lvl 63 and Accessary_elemental_necklace_i00_0.jpgJudge of Splendor lvl 67. We drop jews and return to NPC Ossian.
  27. Talk with NPC Ossian give to him jewellery and take task for getting Weapon_sprites_staff_i00_0.jpg Staff of Goddess: Rain Song.
  28. Go to Valley of Saints for killing Flame of Splendor Barakiel lvl 70. Take staff and go back to NPS Ossian.
    Important! - Weapon_sprites_staff_i00_0.jpg Staff of Goddess: Rain Song is given to party, who make last hit!
     NEEDED LVL of character's at least 65.


    Let's start creating a staff, for this we need:
    Etc_luxury_wine_c_i00_0.jpg Nightmare Oil - 1 pc. 
    Etc_luxury_wine_b_i00_0.jpg Hellfire Oil - 1 pc. 
    Etc_dragons_blood_i04_0.jpg Abuss Oil - 1 pc. 

    Required amount of reagents:
    broken_crystal_silver.jpg Moonstone Shard - 100 pcs.
    powder_gray.jpg Volcanic Ash - 30 pcs.
    reagent_silver.jpg Quicksilver - 2 pcs.
    piece_bone_black.jpg Rotten Bone Piace - 100 pcs.
    ginseng_red.jpg Blood Root - 20 pcs.
    inf_ore_high.jpg Lava Stone - 100 pcs.
    powder_orange.jpg Sulfer - 3 pcs.
    reagent_green.jpg Demons Blood - 100 pcs.
    inf_ore_least.jpg Infernium Ore - 100 pcs.

    Start to make of  Etc_luxury_wine_c_i00_0.jpg Nightmare Oil:

    Mixing Mithril_Ore.jpgLunargent.
    1)7.jpgMoonstone Shard - 10 pcs

    2)8.jpgVolcanic Ash - 1 pc.
    3)Temperature - 1 gr.- Salamander .
    Take Coarse_Bone_Powder.jpgMoon Dust 1
    pc. Repeat the steps 9 times. Take Coarse_Bone_Powder.jpgMoon Dust – 10 pcs.
    Put in Urn:

    4)Coarse_Bone_Powder.jpgMoon Dust – 10 pcs.

    5)reagent_silver.jpgQuicksilver 1 pc.
    Temperature - 1 gr. - Salamander .
    Take Mithril_Ore.jpg
    Lunargent 1 pc.

    Mixing Etc_dragons_blood_i02_0.jpg Midnight Oil
    Put in Urn:
    1)piece_bone_black.jpg Rotten Bone Peace 10 pcs.

    2)ginseng_red.jpg Blood Root 1 pc.
    3)Temperature 1 gr. - Salamander. 
    Take potion_purpel.jpg Necroplasm 1 pc. Repeat the steps 9 times. Take  potion_purpel.jpg Necroplasm 10 pcs.
    Put in Urn:
    4)potion_purpel.jpg Necroplasm 10 pcs,
    5)reagent_silver.jpgQuicksilver 1 pc.

    6)Temperature 1 gr. - Salamander. 
    Take Etc_dragons_blood_i02_0.jpg Midnight Oil 1 pc.

    Mixing Etc_luxury_wine_c_i00_0.jpg Nightmare Oil
    1)Mithril_Ore.jpg Lunargent 1 pc,
    2)Etc_dragons_blood_i02_0.jpg Midnight Oil 1 pc. 
    3)Temperature 1 gr. - Salamander.
    Take Etc_luxury_wine_c_i00_0.jpg Nightmare Oil 1 pc.

    CreateEtc_luxury_wine_b_i00_0.jpg Hellfire Oil.

    Etc_dragons_blood_i00_0.jpg Fire Essence.
    Put in Urn:
    1429973536_etc_inf_ore_high_i00_0.jpg Lava Stones - 10 pcs.
    1429976853_etc_powder_gray_i00_0.jpg Volcanic Ash - 1 pc.
    Temperature 1 gr. - Salamander. 
    Take Etc_powder_red_i00_0.jpgMagma Dust - 1 pc. We need Etc_powder_red_i00_0.jpgMagma Dust - 10 pcs.
    Put in Urn:
    Etc_powder_red_i00_0.jpgMagma Dust - 10 pcs.
    1429988685_etc_powder_orange_i00_0.jpg Sulfur - 1 pc.
    6) Temperature 1 gr. - Salamander. 

    Take Etc_dragons_blood_i00_0.jpg Fire Essence - 1 pc.

    Etc_dragons_blood_i05_0.jpg Demonic Essence.
    Put in Urn:
    1429973521_etc_reagent_green_i00_0.jpg Demon`s Blood - 10 pcs.
    1429988692_etc_ginseng_red_i00_0.jpg Blood Root - 1 pc.
    3)Temperature 1 gr.  - Salamander. 

    Take Etc_potion_green_i00_0.jpg Demonplasm - 1 pc. We need  Etc_potion_green_i00_0.jpg Demonplasm - 10 pcs.
    Put in Urn:
    Etc_potion_green_i00_0.jpg Demonplasm - 10
    1429988685_etc_powder_orange_i00_0.jpg Sulfur - 1 pc.
    6) Temperature 1 gr. - Salamander. 

    Take Etc_dragons_blood_i05_0.jpg Demonic Essence - 1 pc.

    Mixing Etc_luxury_wine_b_i00_0.jpg Hellfire Oil.
    Etc_dragons_blood_i00_0.jpg Fire Essence - 1 pc.
    Etc_dragons_blood_i05_0.jpg Demonic Essence - 1 pc.
    3) Temperature 1 gr.  - Salamander. 

    Take Etc_luxury_wine_b_i00_0.jpg Hellfire Oil 1 pc.

    Create  dragons_blood4.jpg Abuss Oil.

    Mixing powder_black.jpg Inferno Dust.
    Put in Urn:
    1)inf_ore_least.jpg Infernium Ore 10
    2)powder_gray.jpg Volcanic Ash 1
    Temperature 1 gr.  - Salamander. 
    Take powder_black.jpg Inferno Dust 1 pc. Repeat the steps 9 times. Take powder_black.jpg Inferno Dust 10 pcs.

    dragons_blood4.jpg Abuss Oil.
    4)powder_black.jpg Inferno Dust 10 pcs.
    5)powder_orange.jpg Sulfur 1 шт.
    Temperature 1 gr. - Salamander. 
    Take dragons_blood4.jpg Abuss Oil.

    All items have been created  Etc_luxury_wine_c_i00_0.jpgEtc_luxury_wine_b_i00_0.jpgdragons_blood4.jpg  - exchange them for  Weapon_sprites_staff_i00_0.jpg Staff of Goddess: Rain Song and continue quest on Skill1323_0.jpg.

  29. GuU8F0Yf.jpg?download=1&name=%D0%A1%D0%BoaJmQwRh.jpg?download=1&name=%D0%A1%D0%B

    Alternative way to get Weapon_sprites_staff_i00_0.jpg Staff of Goddess: Rain Song
    Go to Ivory Tower - Underground Shop Area. Talk with Urn.
  30. Give Weapon_sprites_staff_i00_0.jpg Staff of Goddess: Rain Song NPC Ossian and take Etc_jewel_box_i00_0.jpg Relic Box and we go to Ivory Tower 4 floor to NPC Ladd.
  31. Give Etc_jewel_box_i00_0.jpg Relic Box NPC Ladd, take Etc_letter_envelope_i00_0.jpg Caradine`s Letter and go to NPC Caradine to finish task.
  32. Give Etc_letter_envelope_i00_0.jpg Caradine`s Letter NPC Caradine and talk, and go to finish quest to NPC Lady of the Lake.
    Important - part 4 of the quest
    can be making from lvl 66!
    Congratulations, you are now the owner of Accessory_noblesse_tiara_i00_0.jpg Noblesse Tiara  Skill1323_0.jpg Noblesse lvl 2.                                                                                                      x58NALy0.jpg?download=1&name=%D0%A1%D0%B

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