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  • To enter Hellbound you need quest: Path to Hellbound

  • Level: 76+

  • Portals to Hellbound:

    • Warpgate in Heine

    • Warpgate south entrance of Wasteland


Extraction of elemental stone fragments

  • Junior's Land - stone fragments of elemental General_energy_condense_i02_0.jpg Fire and General_energy_condense_i03_0.jpg Water
  • Enchanted Megaliths - stone fragments of elemental General_energy_condense_i00_0.jpg Holy and General_energy_condense_i01_0.jpg Dark
  • Sand Swept Dunes - stone fragments of elemental General_energy_condense_i04_0.jpg Wind and General_energy_condense_i05_0.jpg Earth.
  • Ancient Temple Remnants - stone fragments of elemental General_energy_condense_i02_0.jpg Fire and General_energy_condense_i03_0.jpg Water
  • Battered Lands - stone fragments of elemental General_energy_condense_i02_0.jpg Fire, General_energy_condense_i03_0.jpg Water, General_energy_condense_i00_0.jpg Holy, General_energy_condense_i01_0.jpg Dark, General_energy_condense_i04_0.jpg Wind and General_energy_condense_i05_0.jpg Earth.

Raid boss Typhoon


  • Location: Sand Swept Dunes

  • Level: 81

  • Respawn: appears after killing 10 000 monsters on the Hellbound.

    On this Raid Boss you can upgrade Etc_soul_stone_i00_0.jpg Soul Crystal from 10 to 13 level

Legendary blacksmith Shadai


  • Can purchase Dynasty recipes and pieces for its crafting for the Etc_old_evil_book_i00_0.jpg Ancient Tome of the Demon on the server NEW and Dynasty-Part.jpg Dynasty Part on the server UNT from the NPC Shadai.

  • Etc_old_evil_book_i00_0.jpg Ancient Tome of the Demon on the server NEW and Dynasty-Part.jpg Dynasty Part on the server UNT can be obtained by killing monsters on the Hellbound.

  • NPC Shadai can improve equipment S-Grade with Etc_armor_soul_i00_0.jpg Secret Essence and Dynasty with Etc_armor_soul_i00_0.jpg Secret Essence (10 pcs.).

Secret Essence

  • Go to the Ruined Town. NPC Kanaf will help you get there.

  • Kill monsters Body Destroyer, Soul Dominator, Labyrinth Watchman, Labyrinth Mystic, Labyrinth Captain, Labyrinth Seer, Passageway Captain, Passageway Guards, Passageway Mystic and drop the quest item Etc_bead_red_i00_0.jpg Red Stone, until you get 744 pieces.

  • After gaining 744 Etc_bead_red_i00_0.jpg Red Stone, are collected, return to the NPC Matras and exchange them for Etc_armor_soul_i00_0.jpg Secret Essence.


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