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Premium Account

Where to buy PA?

  • In the game at the Game Shop
  • In personal account

Important information: Premium account gives a bonus to all characters on the account.


Premium Account Bonus upon purchase (per character):

  • Exp +20%
  • SP +20%
  • Drop +30%
  • Spoil +30%
  • Adena +20%
  • Seal Stone +20%
  • Active Skill: Odin Gift

Party Premium Account Bonus:

The premium account bonus is divided evenly (arithmetically average) over the entire party, regardless of the finishing character, according to the following parameters:

  • Drop
  • Adena
  • Seal Stone
  • Spoil


Bonuses that are given personally to the owner of the PA in the party:

  • Exp\SP
  • Spoil

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