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Updated Giant's Cave location

Giant's Cave


The Cave of Giants location has been updated in the Remastered Chronicles.


Now the location has 4 levels. To go to levels - you need to kill mobs, after the accumulation of a certain number of points - the stage of the location changes.


The number of points is not disclosed. Each killed mob +1 point to the progress of the location.




First stage - is the initial

  • There is no change.


Second stage

  • Mobs - changed spawn mobs in some rooms (indicated in the picture);
  • Drop - no change.


2lvl_gc.jpg 2lvl_gc_2.jpg


Three stage

  • Visual change in the location of mobs;
  • Mobs - spawn mobs as in the second stage of the location;
  • Drop - increased;
  • EXP/SP - increased;
  • Adena - increased.




Four stage

  • Appearance of the Boss - Ramona at the beginning of the location (the boss appears for 2 hours).




After killing the boss or after 2 hours after his appearance - the location goes back to the initial, first level.


Ramona Raid Boss Drop

  • Weapon_sword_of_damascus_i00_0.jpg Weapons B-grade from low to top;
  • Armor_t68_u_i00_0.jpg B-grade equipment from low to top;
  • Etc_sword_body_i00_0.jpg Materials for craft weapons and equipment of the B-grade;
  • Etc_scroll_of_enchant_armor_i03_0.jpg B-grade Enchant Scrolls.

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