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New season of ReMastered – April 26, 2024


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26 April 2024



JOURNEY to the golden era of your beloved

Lineage II 2003-2011

In remastered you choose the comfortable pace of the game. There is no point in rushing. The server is developed in chapters. Your path begins with the canonical chronicles С1-Interlude. Spoil pieces for carmine peppers, craft the necessary equipment of C and B rank. Even if you play for a couple of hours a day, you will not lag behind the nolifers and will be competitive both in spots and at the Olympiad Games.

The most delicious things are ahead of you. The opening of each chapter brings new challenges and opportunities for you and your character.

And this is just the beginning...

Remastered has become a home for players of all chronicles and rates


Conservative lovers of Interlude.
Connoisseurs c1-c4.
E-sportsmen with HF.
Auto-hunting fans.
Harsh PVP community.
Everyone is equally comfortable playing Remastered.


Do not believe? Press play and listen to opinion leaders.

Where does the journey begin

You start in the period C1 - Interlude

Who to create?

No more meta for mages or archers. Choose a class with your soul. All professions are thought out and redesigned to the smallest detail. Any character will be relevant and self-sufficient at all stages of the game. And also in demand in groups. Be it a dagger or a summoner, a tank or a dwarf, a warrior or a support class. Everyone has skills for comfortable PVE and PVP.

* From the early stages of the game, you can learn adapted skills of third professions

What about the equipment?

The crafting system remains intact. Every twig, every resource will always come in handy or find its buyer.

Most armor sets have been reworked and updated. Don't want to stand in Shock? you will have to get a set of Blue Wolf armor. Tired of standing in “Roots”? Create a Doom kit.

You can insert the current SA into each weapon. In any Magic Staff - Acumen, and into a Bow - Focus, and so on.

Do you want to play in a party?
group limit 7 people

Gathering a group has become easier. There are no more dead classes. Bards and buffers are combined into a class - Chanter. All chanters have a common set of basic buffs, dances and songs. Moreover, each of them has distinctive skills of his race.

Setups have become more diverse and interesting due to the versatility of buffs. Archer in a magical group? Of course!The set of characters is now limited only by your imagination.


When is the Olympiad? 

Going to the Olympiad is not only possible, but necessary. It has become more varied, more interesting and convenient. And even just for participating, you will always receive a bunch of useful rewards. And the “wealthy character” himself can always just run away, playing on his nerves. Sounds fun, doesn't it?

Don't forget about the talismans. Mana did more for their convenience.

The Olympiad are held on Friday and Saturday from 16:00 to 23:40.

Registration for the Olympiad is available for characters level 56 and having 2 professions.

How much to donate?

You can play without donating. We have thought through and added many game missions and achievements, completing which you will receive everything you need for a comfortable game (Premium Account, Starting Equipment, Club Card, and so on). But if you want to get rid of unnecessary routine, then $10 will be enough.

We also prepared pre-launch competitions and promotions. Participate, be active and win cool gifts and cash prizes.



Weekly @Second will be broadcast live, as happened from seasons 1 to 4. To discuss all your questions, review innovations and discuss the future project.

Telegram Channel https://t.me/secondhere will again monitor the situation in the big war/mid war and keep abreast of the server.


Congratulations on your return, Friends! © Second


Character development

Alternative starting missions

  • Completing new tasks is an alternative to endless grinding of mobs. After successfully completing the quest chain, you get the opportunity to choose one or a number of Brands to obtain professions.

Obtaining 1, 2 and 3 professions

  • The chance of getting quest items to obtain professions is 100%.

  • When completing original quests to obtain stamps, you receive teleportation scrolls to the next NPCs or locations to continue the task stage by stage.

Getting Sub-classes

  • Already on the first chapter of the server, upon reaching level 56, a new task is available for obtaining a sub-class.

  • After completing the task for sub-classes, you receive the skill: Blessing of the Nobleman, level 1 (has a longer cooldown and spell casting).

Noblesse status

  • When you reach level 66, you can complete the quest to obtain Noble status.

  • Characters with the status of a Nobleman receive not only the active skill Level 2 Nobleman's Blessing, but also new skills that distinguish nobles on the battlefield or while hunting.


  • In the new season, Heroes will receive updated and completely new skills.

Features Remastered

Fake epic jewelry

Creating a fake epic is available to all characters in the Luxury Store in Giran.

To create, you need Shards, Adena and jewelry of the appropriate rank.

How to get fragments?

  • By completing character leveling missions (Get level 40, level 45, and so on);

  • Passing Instance Zones;

  • Using the Magic Lamp.

There are two ways to improve the parameters of fake jewelry:

  • For fragments - increase in rank;

  • Modification to increase parameters.

Improved Pets

Changeable locations

Talent System

Co-op Bonuses


Unite, get closer,

Clan Arena

A special dungeon available only to clan members. Raid participants receive rewards for successfully completing tasks. The clan leader receives items to develop the clan's skills.

Everything is a plus!

Rewards for raid participants:

  • Magic lamp glasses and consumables;

  • Scrolls of Modification;

  • Life Stones;

  • Random equipment according to the current chapter rank.

Automatic reward for academics

Priests of Epic Bosses

Improved Castles and Fortresses


Training area

New location for "AFK" character leveling.

You no longer have to worry about the pitch swinging while you sleep. We have added a special zone in which your character gains experience while you are busy with your business.


Straight from Essence adapted for Remastered.

Now every knocked-out piece of armor and old equipment will be useful for improving your character.

New properties of rare items

Even more variability for “builds” your character.

Now, when “crafting” there is a chance to create items with new rare properties.

New dynamic locations

Last season, we added the ability to increase the level of locations by farming a certain number of mobs.

This season you will find even more new spots, mobs and location bosses.
PVE will become more dynamic, interesting and competitive.

New options for sharpening sets

Now each stage of sharpening from +3 will make more sense and give a noticeable increase in parameters.

Mobs champions

When you kill a certain number of mobs, a unique champion mob may appear on the spot.

Champions come in two types: Blue with x5 characteristics and Red with x10 characteristics.

Champion mobs have increased drops and the amount of experience and SP gained.

Development of Big PVP

Respawning and adding epics from stage to stage has become smoother and more thoughtful. Epics from earlier stages of the game will be transferred to dungeons for groups and team channels. Big War will be able to keep focus on more important epic bosses.

New evening bosses

Daily PVE event for everyone. New bosses with gradation by level and evening fixed respawn.

Each raid participant is guaranteed to receive an experience buff that will be combined with all runes and boosts. And the luckiest ones will receive a tasty drop by landing a last hit on the boss.

Welcome to Remastered
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