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Where did the server Remastered NEW disappear from the list? Solution to the problem!


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Dear players!


Convincing request! Those who use a third-party client, or use an old updater. In order to avoid problems with the client, missing servers from the list. You need to download a new updater.



In order not to run into problems out of the blue. Download the new updater, place it in the root folder with the game and click "CHECK FILES"!

Download updater: link.

Don't forget to check the updater for updates. To do this, click on the "Check Files" button.



Those who use the launcher, please update it to version 263. The launcher version is in the upper left corner.

Don't forget to check the launcher for updates. To do this, click on the gear (located next to the play button) and select "Quick file check".



  • Disable your antivirus/Brandmauer/firewall.
    Pay attention! 10 OS has 2 defenders: Windows Firewall Defender and Windows Defender. You need to disable both!
  • Re-download and install the launcher: follow the link.
  • Install the required game.
    IMPORTANT! L2R UNT or Cadmus clients are not eligible! Need another client from L2R NEW.



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