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Server Description - ElementalWar



Welcome to the preview of the biggest GvE project update from the Valhalla Age Dev Team! Get comfortable, it's going to be an exciting journey!





Elemental War - this is a mod in the GVE style, focused on the confrontation of 4 elements for superiority with global changes. All in the old style:

  • Participate in PVP events and earn experience and adena.
  • Participate in events to benefit your faction.
  • Buy things, develop your character.

We have completely switched to the new game engine and now use the modern version of the client. We made a decision that we need to keep up with the times and provide comfort to people, and not endless critical errors of the client or delays in crowded places. All errors on past servers are no longer relevant.


Preparing for Open Beta

Start Open Beta is planned on 12/11/2022 at 20.00 (GMT+3) until 17/11/2022 23.59 (GMT+3)

Open Beta will be divided into stages.

Each stage will be analogous to the stages of the server - More about Stages

  • Stage 1 - 12/11/2022 at 20.00 (GMT+3) to 13/11/2022 17.00 (GMT+3)
  • Stage 2 - 13.11.2022 at 17.00 (GMT+3) to 14.11.2022 17.00 (GMT+3)
  • Stage 3 - 14.11.2022 at 17.00 (GMT+3) to 15.11.2022 17.00 (GMT+3)
  • Stage 4 - 15/11/2022 at 17.00 (GMT+3) to 16/11/2022 17.00 (GMT+3)
  • Stage 5 - 16.11.2022 at 17.00 (GMT+3) to 17.11.2022 17.00 (GMT+3)
  • Stage 6 - 17/11/2022 at 17.00 (GMT+3) to 17/11/2022 23.59 (GMT+3)

During the testing period, each player can check any game moment he is interested in: all shops, all items and skills will be available (or will be added in the process).Upon completion of the tests (one day before the start), all characters and items will be deleted.

Server start 18/11/2022 at 20.00 (GMT +3)

For found errors, we will generously reward any active player. You can leave information about them:

  • In chapter Bug reports
  • Contact the user support service in the Personal Account
  • In private messages to moderators on the forum @Frances @Frigg


We will definitely summarize your report and prepare rewards for you at the start of the project, depending on the severity of the flaw that was found.

Bug report format:


A clear description of the problem with provided screenshots from the game. make a video if possible.


Gradation of flaws (Set by the administration): 

  • Simple (Description of skills/dialogs for NPCs)
  • Medium (Flaws in the mechanics of skills and items, as well as holes in the geodata)
  • Critical (Mistakes that cause the game client to crash, dups, and other errors that drastically destroy the gameplay).



  • Buff slots 36/24.
  • Debuff slots 12.
  • Character LvL at start 70. Max LvL -  85, same with sub-classes.
  • Endless buff(noblesse blessing). 
  • No death penalty.
  • You can receive EXP by killing monsters and players
  • Fast EXP, specially for GvE concept 
  • You can make 5 sub-classes.
  • CD of skills not allowed by cast speed and haste
  • Character's "price" is in title.



  • Item modification, maximum enchant is tied to the server stage - read
  • Olympiad only 1 hour
  • Heroes everyday, after Olympiad
  • No fraction or private teleports
  • Currency:
    • Adena (in-game, main).
    • Unit (donate currency for the in-game store).
    • Coin L (specialty store in the game).
  • Coupons (5 types) are provided for a special exchanger. Issued for out-of-game activities of players (participation in draws, streaming, etc.). Coupons are non-tradable items but can be traded within an account via NPC Game Helper in Talking Island Village.
  • PA points are issued for online. Can be used in Shop L under Goods for PA.
  • The duration of negative effects on other characters is reduced, the time on monsters is x3 from the base. Debuff Remapping Disabled.
  • Display of negative effects in the target.
  • Maximum 5 people per group, with a limit of 1 healer per group and 1 tank.
  • Changing factions is technically impossible from the server side.
  • Basic consumables (soul and spirit charges, arrows, health potions, energy stones) are endless.
  • You cannot accept opponents from other factions in a group / clan / alliance. Only trading is available.


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