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Clan System



We present to you our updated clan system. The update is designed to simplify the main clan mechanics, such as leveling, and increase clan activity in general.


The clan window now has a more detailed yet intuitive interface. Using the clan window, you can search for a clan to join, or manage your own.

The maximum clan level is 10.




  1. Open Clan Window (Alt+N).
  2. Go to the "Activity" section.
  • In the "activity" players have 3 options for contributions that give clan experience and, in some options, Coins of Glory. With the help of Coins of Glory, you can use the assortment of the clan store.
  • You can make 20 deposits per day.
  • For PVP - 5 clan exp  80%
  • In PVE zone - 1 clan exp  50%


Also, clan experience can be earned by eliminating players of warring factions and by killing monsters.




The list of clan skills remained unchanged. The skills familiar to many players have remained in place, but now eggs with RB are not needed to learn. To learn clan skills, Blood Crystals are used, which can be purchased at the clan store. Some skills have several levels of study.


Skill list:




In the first 3 levels of the clan, the main features of the clan open:

  • 1 lvl: the ability to use the clan icon.
  • 2 lvl: the functionality of clan announcements opens.
  • 3 lvl: clan store opens.

The idle animation of the clan leader has also been changed.




  • You can only accept players from your own faction into a clan.
  • When using the clan search, only the clans of the allied faction will be displayed to you.
  • Alliance is also only available with clans in the same faction.
  • It is impossible to declare a clan war.
  • There is no penalty for leaving the clan, nor for exclusion.

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