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r_silver_coin.jpg R-Silver - a special in-game currency that can be obtained as a reward for completing missions, participating in events, promotions and through the loyalty program of the Valhalla-Age universe. It can be spent on useful items for development, various runes, temporary items, useful consumables, armor and weapon enchant scrolls, a temporary premium account in a special store. Exchange of r_silver_coin.jpg R-Silver available in all cities from NPC John Dee, who stands next to the Newbie Guides.





Item Price
Etc_fruit_cocktail_i01_0.jpg Fresh Fruit Cocktail (Warrior) х1

r_silver_coin.jpg R-Silver х70

Etc_adena_i00_0.jpg Adena х80000

Etc_fruit_cocktail_i00_0.jpg Sweet Fruit Cocktail (Mage) х1

r_silver_coin.jpg R-Silver х70

Etc_adena_i00_0.jpg Adena х80000

anoye9Z.png Shadow Weapon С-grade (to choose from)

r_silver_coin.jpg R-Silver х50

Etc_adena_i00_0.jpg Adena х65000

1mfNFVp.png Shadow Weapon B-grade (to choose from)

r_silver_coin.jpg R-Silver х50

Etc_adena_i00_0.jpg Adena х75000

Frigg-valhalla-age.net2022-04-1414.42.34 Box with Rune Exp+SP 30% (1 hour) х1 r_silver_coin.jpg R-Silver х105
Frigg-valhalla-age.net2022-04-1414.42.34 Box with Rune Drop 30% (1 hour) х1 r_silver_coin.jpg R-Silver х130
Frigg-valhalla-age.net2022-04-1414.42.34 Box with Rune Adena 30% (1 hour) х1 r_silver_coin.jpg R-Silver х115
Frigg-valhalla-age.net2022-04-1414.50.32 Extra Entrance Pass - Kamaloka (Labyrinth of the Abyss)

r_silver_coin.jpg R-Silver х90

Etc_coins_gold_i00_0.jpg.ddc6c04033699fc Unit х3

Frigg-valhalla-age.net2022-04-1414.50.32 Extra Entrance Pass - Kamaloka (Hall of the Abyss)

r_silver_coin.jpg R-Silver х70

Etc_coins_gold_i00_0.jpg.ddc6c04033699fc Unit х2

Etc_gem_clear_i00_0.jpg Dimensional Diamond х10

r_silver_coin.jpg R-Silver х3

Etc_adena_i00_0.jpg Adena х2500

FgEzeie.png Agation Auto-loot (3 hours) х1

r_silver_coin.jpg R-Silver х50

Etc_adena_i00_0.jpg Adena х80000

Etc_energy_stone_i00_0.jpg Energy Stone х100

r_silver_coin.jpg R-Silver х2

Etc_adena_i00_0.jpg Adena х5000

Etc_recall_crystal_i00_0.jpg Summoning Crystal

r_silver_coin.jpg R-Silver х3

Etc_adena_i00_0.jpg Adena х17500

Etc_scroll_of_enchant_armor_i01_0.jpg Scroll: Enchant Armor (D) х1

r_silver_coin.jpg R-Silver х14

Etc_adena_i00_0.jpg Adena х3000

Etc_scroll_of_enchant_armor_i02_0.jpg Scroll: Enchant Armor (С) х1

r_silver_coin.jpg R-Silver х28

Etc_adena_i00_0.jpg Adena х7500

Etc_scroll_of_enchant_weapon_i01_0.jpg Scroll: Enchant Weapon (D) х1

r_silver_coin.jpg R-Silver х40

Etc_adena_i00_0.jpg Adena х25000

Etc_scroll_of_enchant_weapon_i02_0.jpg Scroll: Enchant Weapon (С) х1

r_silver_coin.jpg R-Silver х90

Etc_adena_i00_0.jpg Adena х55000

pa_coupon.jpg Premium coupon ticket 6 hours r_silver_coin.jpg R-Silver х300
Frigg-valhalla-age.net2022-03-0222.58.32 Hunter Potion х1 r_silver_coin.jpg R-Silver х45
Etc_scroll_of_return_i00_0.jpg Scroll of Escape х10 

r_silver_coin.jpg R-Silver х2

Etc_adena_i00_0.jpg Adena х2000

Etc_scroll_of_resurrection_i00_0.jpg Scroll of Resurrection х10

r_silver_coin.jpg R-Silver х3

Etc_adena_i00_0.jpg Adena х10000

Etc_scroll_of_return_agit_i00_0.jpg Scroll of Escape: Clan Hall х10

r_silver_coin.jpg R-Silver х2

Etc_adena_i00_0.jpg Adena х2500

Etc_scroll_of_return_castle_i00_0.jpg Scroll of Escape: Castle х10

r_silver_coin.jpg R-Silver х2

Etc_adena_i00_0.jpg Adena х2500

Frigg-valhalla-age.net2022-05-0118.08.21 Lucky Enchant Stone: Enchant Weapon (D) 20%

r_silver_coin.jpg R-Silver х300

Etc_adena_i00_0.jpg Adena х450000

Frigg-valhalla-age.net2022-05-0118.09.06 Lucky Enchant Stone: Enchant Weapon (С) 18%

r_silver_coin.jpg R-Silver х400

Etc_adena_i00_0.jpg Adena х550000

Rnp3uqR.png Lucky Enchant Stone: Enchant Weapon (В) 20%

r_silver_coin.jpg R-Silver х550

Etc_adena_i00_0.jpg Adena х700000

Frigg-valhalla-age.net2022-05-0118.09.41 Lucky Enchant Stone: Enchant Armor (D) 35%

r_silver_coin.jpg R-Silver х150

Etc_adena_i00_0.jpg Adena х95000

Frigg-valhalla-age.net2022-05-0118.10.20 Lucky Enchant Stone: Enchant Armor (С) 27%

r_silver_coin.jpg R-Silver х200

Etc_adena_i00_0.jpg Adena х155000

qortseR.png Lucky Enchant Stone: Enchant Armor (В) 23%

r_silver_coin.jpg R-Silver х255

Etc_adena_i00_0.jpg Adena х200000

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