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It's Time to Come Back - Remastered (May 12, 2023)

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New Remastered Server - May 12, 2023
(20:00 GMT+3)

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OPEN BETA TEST (OBT) - May 5, 2023 (20:00 GMT+3)


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Exactly one year ago we paused the launch of the new Remastered servers and were adding other areas of the game to our ecosystem. To ensure that as many players as possible learned about Valhalla during that time period. In order to guarantee you a stable and quality game project.


* Video 18+


We all love Lineage 2. But right now, in fact, we all fall into several types. We are the Audience of the game. The audience that occasionally decides to spend time in classic directions. Once in a while, we're willing to try a combined concept we call Remastered. And the most current version of the game, gives us a completely different experience with auto-hunting altogether.


Brand awareness Not only has Valhalla recently gained notoriety in every corner of the L2 world, from C1 servers to modern Essence. But it has also become an expert in its field.

  • The first breakthrough Remastered, the base server has existed for over 3 years;
  • Essence's biggest discovery of the past year;
  • Creating a classic direction, in its ecosystem of game worlds, with a transition of chronicles from Gracia Final to High Five.


Now, it's time for Remastered to come back. To once again give the best version of the game to those who have waited so long. Further development of Remastered direction will be a new server, which will launch tentatively in 2 months (May this year).


We call Remastered the best chronicles because of its concept of «Taking the best of different chronicles.».

The key things that make Remastered the best chronicles:

  • Development of the server by Chapter (1 chapter - level 60, etc.);
  • Classic economy as in C1 - Interlude;
  • 7 people in a group and pooled buffers;
  • Class balance - based on High Five, but with a multi-year fix for the problems of each profession (actual skills already from 2 professions in each class);
  • The most interesting Olympiad Games as in High Five;
  • Daily tasks and missions with rewards like in Classic;
  • Unique options from creating Fake Epic Costume Jewelry to accumulating Magic Lamp points, which unlocks items to improve Cloaks, Belts, and more.

Over the past years we've launched 7 Remastered servers, from server to server we've searched for the best solutions. Removing/replacing weak conceptual elements of the game and adding the best Lineage 2 has to offer.


Remastered is waiting and there is a big request




It's impossible to ignore players' requests for modern solutions, which we previously offered the market by creating Remastered. Together with the players, we solved and continue to solve the fundamental problems of the game from update to update. And as a result — great audience demand and waiting for a new server.


Remastered — is not only an amalgamation of the best of the various chronicles, but also a thoughtful, comfortable environment.

Only when you enter the world do you(start playing buzz*) get a thoughtful, but classic, path of character development.


*Playing is fun - To be honest, this slogan should be the main one for the development of the Remastered direction in the Valhalla-Age universe. An elaborate concept that takes into account every detail of the game. A concept combined of hardcore and comfortable gameplay.


Download the Launcher, start the game and have fun

  • 7 people in a party - playing together has become easier. Support classes are full-fledged members of the group. Easier to find or choose your own support team;
  • Thoughtful daily tasks will provide many useful and enjoyable bonuses;
  • Login rewards will motivate you to get into the game before work;
  • Catch Up - systems help you develop fast and catch up with others;
  • The head server system will make the game fairer and more comfortable for you;
  • The fatigue system combined with staggered play will give you the confidence that you will not fall behind the others;
  • Convenient Launcher - you'll forget what it is to enter passwords and slow download the game;
  • Helping Hand - play, get stronger, make mistakes along the way, support is always there to help;
  • Club system - a set of buffs allow you to comfortably play in a single window and develop your favorite character;
  • Convenient clan search - find your friends without digging forums and without stressing;
  • Improved academy system - join clans in the first stages of development and get cool bonuses in two clicks;
  • Referral system - Just participate in the referral program, join in one click and get bonuses as you develop your characters;
  • Loyalty systems - daily bonus codes in social networks, drawings, contests, discounts and various events will not let you get bored;
  • Fighting RMT and the people who spoil our beloved game will give confidence in fair game competition;
  • and a lot more so you can play in the buzz and do not think about anything, just relax and enjoy the gameplay.


Remastered was last opened on March 11, 2022, an opening that garnered an impressive amount of good feedback on the concept. The balance, the economy, and the concept are all already at a high level, but we have prepared a number of improvements for you.


Improvements will not be global - it will be a light refinement with a fine file, and so almost polished concept. About what awaits you in the near future, stay tuned for news and newsletters.



The new server and all subsequent ones from now on will have game events adapted for time zones away from Moscow/Kiev/Minsk. Not only the Olympiad Games, Territorial Wars and Sieges will fit these time zones.


Now our servers will have special events and raid bosses. And this means that for players who are more convenient to play in the daytime - the daytime will also be full of events.


Approach to community building


The world of Lineage 2  — is a full-fledged alternate reality. A system just like our real world. Even people are located and influence what happens inside the world. Accordingly, the world needs rules, needs norms and needs protocols that support and guarantee the prosperity of the game world.


L2 exists only because there are a HUGE number of people who still want to play their favorite game. Our task is to form a community of those who want to play, and even better — to play qualitatively.


If a disruptive player gets drunk, rages and curses loudly during a poker game and doesn't want to continue playing comfortably, we shouldn't tolerate him, should we? Obviously.


Now players come to play Lineage 2 not to sweat, but to have a pleasant gaming experience. Sweat in the game those who are essentially ruining it for you and me. The arms race is over, now we do not have to tolerate those who are destructive to our community.


It doesn't matter how much time you have for the game.


Before, you didn't wonder if you could keep up with the immense race. At each stage, both those who came for nostalgia and those who want to play a modern form of our favorite game will be able to enjoy the game.


It's time to play like we used to.

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