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Experience Kit II and Shop Update


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Only from Friday, April 22 from 16:00 (GMT +3) to Monday, April 25 until 23:59 (GMT +3), a new unique kit for improved experience is on sale!
You can buy a kit every day for 3 pcs. to Master Account.


ExperianceKit2.png Experience Kit II contains:

  • ValhallaRuneBoxGrowth.png Valhalla Rune Box: Growth (Stage 4) 14 pcs. - contains a rune that increases experience and skill points gained by 10% while hunting for 10 minutes. Works with experience rune, beer bottle, bonus runes.
  • runes.jpg Box with Rune of Drop Adena 30% (1 hour) 7 pcs. 
  • runes.jpg Box with Rune of Exp+Sp 30% (1 hour) 7 pcs.
  • Beer-Bottle.jpg Bottle of Beer 15 pcs.

You can purchase the ExperianceKit2.png Experience Kit II only in your Master Account for Etc_coins_gold_i00_0.jpg 25 units only from 22 from 19:00 (GMT +3) to Monday April 25 until 23:59 (GMT +3).



New items have been added to the game and web shops:

  • RuneforNewbie.png Rune for Newbie Lv. 62-73 (12 hours) - increases experience and skill points gained by 50% when hunting. Only for characters level 62-73.
    • Can be purchased for 15 Etc_coins_gold_i00_0.jpg Units or 1100 r_silver_coin.jpg R-Silver.
  • box_rune_power.jpg Chest with the Rune of Power - when open the chest, will randomly receive Rune of Power for 1, 3 or 7 days. The rune increases experience and skill points gained by 10%. If the character has a Premium Account, EXP and SP are increased by 20%
    • Can be purchased for 20 Etc_coins_gold_i00_0.jpg Units.
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