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Server restarts L2R UNT (Preventive maintenance, list of changes)


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All NPCs in world will be reloaded at 17:40 GMT+3.

NPC unavailable time: up to 5 minutes.

Game server will be available at this moment.

  • Attention! Due to load on game server, restrictions were imposed on simultaneously running game windows:
    • There are 3 game windows available at the same time + 1 game window with a premium account.
    • offline trade - 24 hours
  • Changes to "9 hour bosses" to reduce load on game server: Now daily bosses appear at 20:00 GMT+3, instead of 21:00 (bosses from which the Fragments of Elemental Energy were previously mined);
  • Now characters attacking the daily "9 hour bosses" level 30 and 45 will not be flagged.
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The server will be restarted at 10:00 GMT+3.

Server unavailable time: up to 30 minutes

  • Changed geodata in Devil's Island location;
  • In the location of Devil's Island, mobs have been added to rooms in which they were not previously;
  • Changed the places where bosses appear in the Devil's Island location (search on the map in the "Information> Raids" section);
  • Fixed bugs with water in the Devil's Island location;
  • Settings for periods of Grand Olympiad Games have been set;
  • Fixed a bug in the Cloud Mountain Fortress where it was impossible to select NPC for capture;
  • Fixed a game server error that made the server unavailable on September 3, 2020 at approximately 16:00 GMT+3;
  • Fixed a bug that caused game client to freeze for a short time when learning skills through the interface.
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Server will be restarted at 20:00 GMT+3.

Server unavailable time: 5 to 30 minutes

  • Adjustment of the periods of Olympiad Games (now, as it was before, the heroes will be issued from Saturday to Sunday at 0:00);
  • Added the function of changing the main class with a sub-class of places (for the NPC Cat from Rich Family);
  • Added ranks that are given to characters who took places in the Olympiad from 1 to 10 in their class.
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Dear players!

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the restarts.

  • Bonuses are given to each character on the server:
    • Item_71103.jpg Box with Rune of Exp+Sp 30% (1-hour)
    • image.php?di=Q7O1.png Box with Rune of Drop Adena 30% (1-hour)
    • image.php?di=GRMW.jpg Box with Rune of Item Drop 30% (1-hour)
  • The description of the ranks of the Olympiad is currently displayed incorrectly, it will be corrected in the near future.
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Server will be restarted at 13:00 GMT+3.

Server unavailable time: 5 to 30 minutes

  • Fixed hero weapon, now display is correct, without attribute;
  • Fixed drop from Raid Bosses related to the difference in level;
  • Fixed some problems when using the function of changing the main class with a sub-class of places (for NPC Cat from a Rich Family);
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  • Users Support

Server will be restarted at 09:00 GMT+3.

  • Fixed pick of the second and third subclasses
  • Fixed display of club buff
  • Updated protection system
  • Fixed display of cooldown of instance zone "Dimension of Dreams"
  • System of automatic declaration of clan war will be activated.
    • System is similar to the one used on classic servers.
    • System will work for clans of level 5 and higher.

Description of the system of automatic declaration of clan war.

With one-way clanwar:

  • if the attacked clan has not confirmed the war and within a period of 7 days and has never killed a character from the clan that declared the war in pvp / pk, then the war is canceled automatically. If killed, then the 7-day timer is reset
  • if the attacked clan has killed a character from the attacking clan 5 times in pvp / pk, then the war automatically becomes 2-sided

There will be some changes in the system for determining the owners of a drop.

For reference the current system works like this link. Now:

  • Accounting for player's dps, ignoring logoffs and disconnects.
  • Dps count of summons and pets is left as before, but if summon or pet is killed or revoked, then its dps will go to the owner's account.
  • You will also be able to view the registration of top dps in the shift click (this information is not defining the owner of the drop, since the owner of the drop is determined at the time of the boss's death, but it gives an approximate understanding of who contributed how much dps at the moment
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Server will be restarted at 10:00 GMT+3.

Server unavailable time: 5 to 10 minutes

  • Now bonuses from Rank occupied at the Olympiad among their class do not work during the battle at the Olympiad;
  • Fixed two-handed attack with a buff *;
  • Correction of the service for changing the main class and sub-class for the NPC Cat from a Rich Family;
  • Now macros can use rmode/show/hidename etc commands;
  • Now in Actions menu you can set labels for targets;
  • All old teleports to Devil's Island location - have been fixed and now lead to the beginning of the location, and not to the point of appearance of Zaken;
  • Time correction of the first territorial wars.
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Server will be restarted at 18:00 GMT+3.


  • Maximum character level - 66;
  • Maximum sub-class level - 66;
  • Maximum pet level - 66;
  • Unseal A-grade equipment from the Blacksmith of Mammon is now available;
  • It is impossible to unseal armor of Majestic and Nightmare;
  • Parameters of hero's weapons will be changed - now they are A-grade, very well sharpened;
  • A new boss Baium is added - respawn on Wednesdays from 22:00 to 23:00:
    • First spawn of Baium - Wendesday (09/16/2020);
    • Enter to baium dongeun no longer requires a quest item.
  • Now all Legendary bosses and their Priests are level 66;
  • Now Legendary bosses (epics) drop 3 original jewelry with a 100% chance;
  • Now from Priests of Legendary bosses now drop 1 original jewelry with a 90% chance;
  • Now you can buy or exchange Cloaks of Regeneration & PVE from NPC Queen of Cats.
  • You can no longer mount a mount in combat mode
  • The autoloot system has been changed, now the belt will raise the drop only if two conditions are met. DPS drop is yours and you inflicted last hit. If the drop for dps is yours, and another character inflicts a last hit, the drop will fall to the ground and you can pick it up.
  • Fixed the use of talismans.
  • Changed the duration of all debuffs in Hot Springs to 4 minutes
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Server will be restarted at 17:00 GMT+3.

Server unavailable time: 5 to 10 minutes

  • Now from Epic bosses and Priests TOP A equipment does not drop;
  • You can now complete the quest for the nobility at level 66;
  • Epic priests are now bosses, not mobs (which led to incorrect distribution of the drop);
  • Novice Runes will now last 10 days instead of 1 hour;
  • Fixed a bug with displaying experience in the Labyrinth.
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Server will be restarted on 09/17/2020 at 10:00 GMT+3.

Server unavailable time: ~10 minutes

  • Bonus start activation;
  • Updated game store;
  • Fixed bugs with Raid Curse and Silence on epic bosses and priests;
  • Now, in the Devil's Island location in the nearest territory from the place of Zaken's appearance, it is impossible to use the Teleports Flag;
  • Activation of automatic use of elixirs on the skill bar;
  • Now there are level 65 daily 8 hour bosses;
  • The Flame of Splender Barakiel boss can no longer be moved out of his spawn area.
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