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Closed Beta

We are creating our own version of the game and invite you to do your part for in-game rewards and infinite respect.


  1. Recruitment of testers

    Leave your application for participation!


    In order to participate in the closed testing of Essence by Valhalla-Age - create a separate topic in this section with an application for participation.


    The topic should contain answers to the following questions:

    1. Have you played Essence Chronicles before?
    2. Describe how well you know the Essence Chronicles (Scores from 1 to 10. If you can, please describe why you gave that number of points)?
    3. How much do you know about the Essence economy?
    4. How much do you know about skills, class balance in Essence?
    5. How much time are you willing to devote per day to testing?
    6. How often per week have you been playing Lineage 2 lately?
    7. What are the most recent projects you have played on?
    8. Describe the characteristics of your PC.
    9. How can you describe your preferred play style in Lineage 2?
    10. What character classes do you prefer to play on?
    11. Do you have any suggestions for improving Essence Chronicles?

    Attention! In this section, topics are visible only to their creators and the Administration.


    If your application is approved by the moderator - you get a special group on the forum, access to the section for testers, where you will find instructions on how to connect to the test server Essence.

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