The struggle of the four factions
Fire Water Wind Earth

Mod based on the classic game
Participate in continuous mass, group and individual PVP.
Develop your Faction and get prizes.

Join June 3, 2022 (20:00 Moscow time)


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About game-mod Elemental War

This is a GVE-style modification of the Classic game in which four factions (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind) are constantly fighting each other for leadership, capturing flags, capturing castles, protecting faction bosses and much more.

What awaits you at Elemental War?

Maximum level
Available equipment
up to S-grade
Combat mechanics
Based on the classic game.
Additional features
  • Daily epic events.
  • Inter-Server jobs.
  • Development of VIP privileges.
  • Patterns and hidden power.
  • Online PA Points Reward
  • Possibility to upgrade equipment
Immediately into battle
After character creation, immediately join PVP with enemies from other factions.
Gaining experience for PVP
Kill opponents and get experience, elemental experience, adena and many useful things. The better the opponent's equipment, the more adena you get.
Massive battles
Participate in massive PVP for the championship of the faction. Get rewarded for it.
Improving equipment
Spend PVP Adena earned to buy equipment and other upgrades


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