Opening November 18
Updated version of the game based on Сlassic in styleGVE!

Plunge into the maelstrom of the continuous competition of four factions in real time.
It's all about your contribution! Make opponents fear meeting you!

Choose your element and dominate others:

Elemental Damage Bonus vs. Fire +30%

Elemental Damage Bonus vs. Earth +30%

Elemental Damage Bonus vs. Wind +30%

Elemental Damage Bonus vs. Water +30%

Update 2.0.0

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Why you should play Valhalla Age -Elemental War

Elemental War - is a mod based on the GVE server, with global changes, the addition of additional factions and improved gameplay.

Elemental system!

An updated elemental mechanic that completely changes the entire gameplay. Now the choice of the enemy is associated with possible ambushes from other factions. The most adaptive wins, not the best dressed.

Epic Dragons

Elemental Dragons - Valakas, Antharas, Lindvior and Fafurion can now be one of your allies. Why have an archer in the allies when there is a whole epic boss?

General location

Talking Island

Now you can not only beat opponents, but also conduct mutually beneficial trades and conversations in your free time from battles. A colorful location that contains all the necessary tools and NPCs in order to increase the convenience of each player.

Daily Rewards

Get bonuses just like that! We love our players and are ready to give them various useful things just for choosing us!

Magic lamp

Down with boring pumping! Why waste time hunting monsters when you can just play a little game and get the level you want?

New client and geoengine

Completely new client and project geoengine create the most comfortable conditions for the game. We guarantee the quality better than any other project!

Schedule of events

Intuitive, simple scheme of events. You will always know which event is approaching or running at the moment. A full variety of battle arenas will not let you get bored!

Extended Subclasses

No need to create a million characters, because you can play alone with 5 additional subclasses. No transfers of equipment and farming of other things. Just the appearance of a gnome and the profession of a wind mage. To battle!

Easy start and consumables

All players start at level 70 with basic equipment, the maximum level is 80. All consumables, including arrows / soulshots / spiritshots / ore and others, are infinite and are not spent when used.

Single launcher

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